2FACED1 is a loosely connected transnational collective, but it's also a term describing a more fluid way of relating to identity. "We wanted to make Jean Paul Gaultier feel at home with us when he come to open his Exhibition at MOMA in Stockholm. Shima Niavarani was the hostess, she always felt straight take from a Gaultier-runway show or a Jean-Pierre Jeunet-film! The idea was to let Shima portray a Gaultier-stalker, a person he never knew about, who had been following him all these years. Shima and I sat down, dug through Gaultier history, while considering the common references with 2FACED1 - where fashion is primarily about identity and codes. My idea was to let each performing artist personify a theme from the exhibition: for example the vogue dancer Fredrik "Milan" Quiñones represented "The Budoir" and Penelope Strikes embodied his fleshy themes "Skin deep". Mariam The Believer was turned into a valkyrie, Bianca Traum created "Metropolis". Zhala and Brandy made Punk Can-Can out of Prophet. And when the stalker Shima finally dared to approach Jean Paul, it wasn't the real Gaultier - it was Robyn wearing a kilt and a striped sweater." Film by 2FACED1, edited by Klara Kristoffersson, DoPs: Maceo Frost and Oscar Stenberg, music mix by Neva Deelay, Dancer: Fredrik "Milan" Quinones, Director live performance: Decida